When I first moved back to Boise, I challenged myself: no friends during the first couple of weeks. Yeah, growing up here in Boise meant I've had a ton of friends that I knew and was anxious to see and catchup with as soon as I was here. It had been four years, however, since I lived in Boise.

So much had changed. So much had grown. I was leaving a radio station I loved in Spokane to do my thing in my hometown. I needed to know what Boise was like NOW. Among those several nights out and about in downtown Boise, ALONE. I met some cool people. I fell in love with what was then, the relatively NEW Amsterdam Lounge. It was a chill vibe, sophisticated, and worked for a 20-something like myself that likes an outing for drinks without all of the club noise. I met David Munson who I quickly learned could throw a mean party that never disappoints, and that's where tonight comes into the picture..

Tonight, Amsterdam Lounge is throwing a Rocketman Party-- a full on tribute to the man, Elton John.

Couldn't afford tickets to the show at Taco Bell Arena this year? Same. But this is the next best thing. Dress up like Elton and your drinks could be free-- the best costume is getting a $100 bar tab.

Get out and have fun tonight, Tiny Dancer.

More info, HERE.

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