Getting your first DUI in Idaho could soon come with a harsher penalty.

KTVB is reporting that AAA and Mothers Against Drunk Driving teamed up at the Statehouse today and discussed House bills 551 as well as 553. Both organizations what to prevent first time DUI offenders from becoming re-offenders.

If House Bill 551 becomes law, it would require that first time DUI offenders to use an ignition interlock device for one year.
An ignition interlock device is a piece of equipment in the vehicle that prevents the engine from starting if the driver has been drinking alcohol. The device costs between $60 and $90 a month to lease but can vary depending on factors like the make and model of your vehicle, the state you reside in, the length of time you need your device, and features your required to have according to

House Bill 553 gives first-time offenders a chance to cleat their record by entering a diversion program but would still need the interlock device until the successful completion of the program.

I'm happy organizations in our community are fighting for this and I hope these two bill pass. I've always been passionate about preventing drinking and driving. For years we would invite people down to a bar/club, have a good time and responsibly share some drinks. Unfortunately, there were a few times I would see familiar faces on Ada-County Sherriff. It inspired me to start working with the Meridian Police Department to help bring awareness to the dangers of drinking and driving.

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