It's something you might stumble across in a movie or a video game, but you'd hardly expect to see a story like this in real life.

The Canyon County Jail is currently holding a woman who police say hired a hit man in an attempt to have her future ex-husband murdered. Tiffany Knapp, 23, allegedly "put a hit" on her husband (they're currently in the middle of a separation) so she could have sole custody of their children.

Canyon County Jail
Canyon County Jail

In a press release, Caldwell Police reveal it was the would-be assassin himself who alerted authorities:

The individual she was communicating with to carry out the murder contacted the intended victim and told him about the plan. The man then contacted police.

Knapp admitted the charges to police, and say her and the hit man conversed over text messages. The man in question is not currently facing any charges. Knapp has been charged with criminal solicitation to commit murder, and she also violated a "no contact" order.

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