You may recall just a couple of weeks ago now, I wrote that a custom license plate for pet-owners could be coming to Idaho.  When you look at the long, long list of possible custom plates that the State of Idaho offers to those looking to register their vehicles, it seems there's a plate for EVERYTHING...except pets. Clubs, societies, public service--but knowing Idahoan's I would argue pet ownership may be one of the most popular options: if it's added.

It's been discussed that this issue is surprisingly a little controversial. When the topic was presented to state legislators just a little over a year ago, some had issues with the Humane Society and their relationship with the agricultural world.  Of course, the Humane Society was at the center of this because they WILL benefit from these plates, if approved. Money generated by sales of these plates will go towards spay and neuter efforts that will ultimately cut down pet over-population and unwanted litters.

Today, the Senate Transportation Committee voted in unanimous approval of the plates. This moves it to a full senate vote. Don't worry pet owners: we're just one more vote away from being able to get these plates on our cars.

There will be an additional $35 fee for the specialty plate (on top of regular registration), once these (and IF, these) become available.

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