Can you imagine your college years under the pandemic? Can you imagine having to follow COVID-19 social distancing guidelines? Mono has been an issue on campuses across America but the coronavirus is new territory and apparently the students at BSU are not doing well with it. To be fair it's the fraternities that have been "coming in hot".  Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Phi, and Kappa Sigma fraternities have all been temporarily suspended at BSU due to their recent "large gatherings" according to ktvb.

."Keeping campus open, safe and healthy has been our top concern, and we have educated our students about the risks associated with large gatherings. This included specific communication with students in our fraternities and sororities," Dean of Students Chris Wuthrich continued. "The majority of our students are doing what is required of all of us — wearing facial coverings, practicing physical distancing and not planning or participating in large gatherings. But, in order to remain open, we must have the cooperation of all of our students. Students who do not comply with university policies and orders will face sanctions, including removal from campus."

Welcome back kids... The class of 2021 promises to be like no other...

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