It's the last thing you'd expect when you're about to dive into your favorite game, but it happened to me.

'Twas a normal day as I logged on PS4 to play Destiny, when a messaged popped up. Most times, it'll be from someone I know who wants to play a game together, or a player I've met in-game who I occasionally message for tips or advice. This wasn't any of those.

At first, the conversation started off normal enough, but immediately took a sharp left turn into the weird. Here's the back and forth I had with this person via Playstation messages:

About half way through the exchange, i realized this was a bot. An automatically generating message created to get someone to visit the link, give up their credit card number, after which I'm sure all hell would break loose on your credit score. For your safety, I blurred out the website address.

So next time you hop online to shoot some aliens in the face, know that there's also sex robots out there trying to take all your money. Be careful.