It has been a rough couple of weeks for Boise State football--a winless start to the season has them sitting at 0-2, a record the program hasn't experienced since 2005! What is going on with the football program!?

Those close to the program say everything is fine--that the season was bound to be difficult after two high profile games. Others, however, say that this start is totally unacceptable.

So what are Boise State fans looking ahead to? Another game--which will hopefully allow the team to prove themselves. Their opponent isn't nearly as good, so most expect that first "win" of the season on Saturday.

Last week, the big push from Boise State's athletic department was to sell out Boise State's Albertsons Stadium. While it came down to the final hour, they did eventually declare a sell out. Take a look at any pictures of the stadium, however, and you would notice lots of empty seats. Allegedly, the tickets were "distributed"--but many seemingly weren't used.

This week, if fans want to catch the action on Boise State's blue turf, there are plenty of seats left. The only catch? You're going to have to get up early! With a kickoff set for 10:00 a.m., football fans will still be having morning breath while they tailgate and prep for the game.

Perhaps the other bit of good news this week? Ticket prices don't seem to be as high as they were for the UCF game. You can find decent seats for about $50 each, before fees. This wasn't the case last week!

Interested in checking out which seats are available for yourself? See the full grid, HERE

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