Gym-goers, rejoice! It turns out that the possibility of gyms shutting down for COVID-19 precautions won't be happening after least, for now.

I mentioned earlier this week that Central District Health, the Board of Health that oversees Ada County, was considering a shut down of gyms. With COVID numbers on the rise in the Treasure Valley, health officials are trying to get things under control so that businesses can re-open and life can go back to somewhat "normal".

According to a news release today, Central District Health has decided to REMOVE closing gyms from their agenda on Tuesday's August, 11th meeting. According to the Board of Health, no significant outbreaks have been tied to gyms and they feel for now, they're alright to continue operating--cautiously.

Many gyms asked their patrons to write the Board of Health and speak up-- no word on if this made a difference.

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