If you've ever been downtown Boise on a weekend, you have probably seen a lot of interesting sights and heard many interesting sounds. This isn't a knock on our city--we're actually very lucky to have a clean, safe, and fun downtown the way that we do here in Boise. Once the sun goes down, however, it can be a very different place.

Loud music is bumping from otherwise quite storefronts between 6th & 8th, smells of hot dogs fill the air from the many sidewalk food vendors that are never out when there's daylight, drivers lookout for drunk jaywalkers more than normal and you might even see people crying on the sidewalks, if you're out late enough, from heartbreak earlier in the night.

On the roads--one complaint has continued to come up: noise and unsafe drivers. Boise Police have announced new patrols and fines are on the way.

Let's take a look at what Boise Police shared will be changing & upcoming for Boise drivers:

Changes & New Enforcement On The Way With Boise Police

Here's the latest on enforcement changes and fine increases for driver in Boise!

Does your vehicle make too much noise? You had better fix that! 

Are you familiar with the vehicles that you can hear from blocks away? They had better "pipe" down-- pun intended. Authorities say that they hope these increased patrols and fines will make downtown roads a little safer.

There will also be a focus on traffic before it even hits the downtown area:

Vehicles coming into downtown Boise on I-184 are often observed at over 100 mph and routinely 20mph over the posted speed limit of 60mph. We have found that stopping racing and reckless driving on I-184 lessens similar behaviors that occur later in the downtown core






Check out our ultimate guide to Boise speed traps, below: 

These 17 Roads & Intersections are Known Speed Treasure Valley Speed Traps

Driving in the Treasure Valley, no matter how "bad" traffic has gotten over the last several years, really isn't too much of a challenge. Getting from Point A to Point B in our area isn't nearly as difficult as it is in larger or comparable sized cities yet, there's always someone in a hurry. What happens when one is in a hurry? Road Rage? Distracted Driving? Speeding?
Here are the most significant speed traps across the Treasure Valley that you need to be aware of.

Boise High Speed Chase Caught on Camera

On Sunday, April 10th, a high speed chase took place in the streets of Boise. The pursuit by Boise Police eventually ended near Bishop Kelly High School where more drama played out. Fantastic footage was captured by Vin Crosby, a well-known Boise meteorologist who said that during the chase, the suspect came within just feet of hitting him.

Check out the play-by-play and the action-packed video, below!

Need for Speed? 7 Ways to Avoid a Speeding Ticket in Idaho

Try these tips out to avoid getting pulled over in the Treasure Valley.


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