Here in the treasure Valley, we're lucky in that we truly do not experience much crime. However it seems that someone always has to ruin it for all of us.

Can you help police identify a young man that did not make a wise decision?

Here's a look at what Big Al's has shared from their security cameras:

Police Search For A Sneaky Thief

A couple of gaming systems were stolen from the popular arcade destination-- do you recognize this individual?

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

Do you recognize this young person? 

The story behind the theft is quite unique. According to Big Al's, it was definitely a sneaky operation. On January 1st (yes, New Year's Day), a young man went into the building and found a place to literally hide. Some think behind a large gaming system or object.  Once the employees on site began focusing on closing the store--it's believed that this young man came out of hiding and snuck into the Big Al's prize closet!

Obviously, this is a room only accessible to Big Al's employees and once they're into their closing procedures, there's no longer a need to guard it.

It's believed that once inside, the young man took a new gaming console, remotes, cords, and necessary accessories and put the display box back where it belonged. He then returned on the next night and did the same thing.


Employees eventually learned the boxes for the brand new 'Diablo Edition' X-Box gaming systems were empty and camera footage, as you have see above, uncovered the theft which totaled over $1,100.

Know anything--or anyone? Contact Meridian Police at 208-888-6678

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