Here in Boise, crime is minimal. We love our area and our community--but what we love most is the way that so often, we find ourselves looking out for one another. Even despite all of the insane growth that has happened here over the years, the peace of mind that many Idahoans have when it comes to public safety is unlike anything else, anywhere in the country.

Unfortunately, every now and then, someone has to ruin it for us all.

Garden City Police are now on the lookout for that guy--the one ruining it for the rest of us and a reason that we can't have nice things this week. This suspect burglarized a local business, which appears to be a restaurant, and was caught on camera.

Here's a look at what Garden City Police have on video and what you can hopefully help solve:

Can You Recognize This Garden City Burgler?

What's the deal with the theft, Boise? Let's solve this one..

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

What is going on, BOISE!? 

When will these criminals realize that literally every business has security cameras and the video quality these days is pretty top notch. A few of the shots of this fellow, even as he was wearing a hat, seemed to make his face look quite visible.

Garden City Police ask that if you know anything, saw anything, or recognize this man, to contact them at 208-472-2950 and yes, as always, you can remain anonymous.

Just days ago, news broke of another burglary here in Boise at Alyonka Russian Cuisine. The restaurant was featured on national television, praised by world-famous Guy Fieri, 

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