Shocking news broke out this week as internet users--especially in the State of Utah--learned that access to a popular website was no longer available from a device within state lines.

Can the State of Utah ban an entire website? Sort of--because the state recently passed certain legislation that has one website saying "we're good" on being in the state all together.

The website, in a study shared just last year, get more visitors each year that Netflix and TikTok. By the way, it narrowly trails Amazon.

The website is called PornHub--have you ever heard of it?

We spent some time Googling this website to see what exactly goes on there and from what we can tell, the insanely popular website does not sell anything but rather shows various pornographic videos. The website is free to access and users can choose what types of videos they would like to see, based on their sexual preferences and fantasies. There are even instructional videos available for those looking to get a closer look at sexual intercourse.

So what's the deal in Utah? A new state law would require Pornhub to verify each web users' age before they could view the movies on the website. A video statement that greets Utah users says that safety is important to them--but that users should not need to present their ID Card every time they would like to watch a video.

The website also argues that sharing personal information to verify age could cause a privacy risk--they propose a device-based verification solution and hope that disappointed users will contact their legislators for change!

No word if the ban on this website will be lifted for Utah residents anytime soon.

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