If you've ever enjoyed a beer at one of the many breweries here in the Treasure Valley, you know just how many options there are. These days, Boise is home to so many great locally owned breweries that there really isn't an excuse for buying your run of the mill national brands anymore. Not only are our local beers supporting local businesses, but they're far better tasting, far more creative, and run the gamut of all flavors and preferences!

One local brewery has said it's time to expand! Have you been here!?

A Look at Lost Grove Brewing

Have you visited this brewery that is announcing a new, second location?

That's right, Lost Grove is soon to have location #2 

You can expect the new spot to open relatively soon, according to the brewery:

The new space has such an awesome patio and it’s a priority of ours to open this spring so folks in the community can enjoy the sunny outdoor seating and, of course, delicious pints of Lost Grove beer

If you're a lover of Boise's North End, you'll know right where it's going in at: the old Sun Ray Cafe location!

It's also interesting to note that Lost Grove is the only B Corp certified brewery in Idaho--which is a designation earned by for-profit companies that meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance. We think it's great to see a local business doing their part for the greater good!

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Boise is proving to be a hot spot for local breweries, and we couldn't be more excited.

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