It's all about growth these days in the Treasure Valley and along with growth comes new business, expanded existing business, and a whole lot more options to shop, drink, dine, and play!

This year, for example, a total of 6 new stores have been planned for The Village at Meridian, alone! 

6 Exciting New Stores Planned for The Village at Meridian in 2022

If you haven't driven past or through The Village at Meridian lately, there's a lot of construction underway! According to the Village's website, these projects are currently underway!

Of course, with all of the growth going on here in Idaho--Meridian isn't the only place experiencing new shopping options! 

A popular discounted grocery store known and loved here in the Boise and Nampa area is now expanding to Mountain Home! Yes, there's a new place to shop out there now, too!

Maybe you can hear their jingle already--if so, sing this while you read it:

Grocery Outlet, Bargain Market!

That's right--Mountain Home is about to get their very own location!

With a grand opening set for Thursday, January 20th, this new Mountain Home location is going to be the newest of over 400 nationwide locations, which stretch from California through Idaho and all of the way to Pennsylvania!

Not only is the new store location something to celebrate, but one person could REALLY be celebrating when they are gifted $1,000 in FREE groceries, as well! Customers are allowed to enter for the shopping spree now through February 17th and can enter for the major prize online!

Interested in winning the money? Click HERE.

What could $1,000 to the store buy you!?

The new store will be located at: 155 City View Drive in Mountain Home, Idaho.

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