As temperatures begin to rise and we get closer and closer to saying goodbye to the winter time here in the Treasure Valley, a few things remind us that a new season is here.

One of them just so happens to be a pretty fun holiday: St. Patrick's Day!

Take a stroll through any local store and you're bound to see just about everything in green this week--the popular holiday falls on Sunday this year-- March 17th.

Everyone celebrate the day differently. Local school kids may spend time building leprechaun traps or hoping to find golden tokens at the end of rainbows. Meanwhile adults may tip back a dark (or green) beer over the next few nights to lean into the holiday 'festivities'.

Do donuts come to mind when you think about St. Patrick's Day? Probably not. But we're about to give you a reason to change your mind.

According to a national release, Krispy Kreme, the popular national donut chain, will be offering FREE green donuts between March 15th and March 17th -- that is this weekend!

There will be a variety of festive donuts available at our local Krispy Kreme, located on the corner of Eagle and Fairview, but our most important reminder? There is NO PURCHASE NECESSARY for the free green glazed "O'riginal' donut! You can even get it in the drive thru!


Look, we're sure that Krispy Kreme is great but when it comes to donuts, we love to support local. Take a look at a Nampa donut truck that has taken the internet and our community by storm! 

A Closer Look at Nampa's Beloved Donut Truck

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

What do you think about these other Idaho donuts?

Idaho's Best Donut & 7 Other's Guaranteed To Make You Hungry shared their list of "The Best Doughnut in Every State." You'll see who the best donut in Idaho and 7 others that we thought looked amazing!

Gallery Credit: Kyle Matthews

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