Last week, the craze around town was Mark Wahlberg. Why? Well, because he decided to visit Boise. Let's be real, anytime that any celebrity makes an appearance in Idaho or the Treasure Valley--people in these parts go nuts.

There's a real sense of Idaho pride among folks that live here and that is a huge piece of what makes our area so special and unique. The excitement is no different when an Idaho-based product makes it big time--and that is exactly what has happened with an Idaho potato vodka.

Recognizable by their long-necked bottle designs, the vodka over the years can now be found in many places, nationally, and offer real tastes of Idaho--especially in their 100% potato and Mountain Huckleberry flavors!

Let's take a look at the now world-famous, 44 North brand!

Inside of Idaho's Famous 44 North Vodka

What began as a favorite local vodka has expanded into a familiar and beloved brand

Are you excited for a new product to hit shelves? 

In 2021, the brand rolled out their 'Huckleberry Lemonade'--a pre-mixed drink that could be bought in grocery stores--without needing to visit a liquor store. The product was SO popular upon being announced--for weeks, people were going crazy trying to find it on store shelves!

Now, two years later, 44 North is rolling out two new mixed flavors that we expect to be just as popular. 

As you can see below, from the photo provided by 44 North, these flavors are coming JUST IN TIME for Summer!

Credit: 44 North
Credit: 44 North

Last week, the brand teased that they were a week out--now, we're anxiously awaiting for their arrival at local grocery stores!!  Picking up some weekend drinks? Buy and support local, with 44 North this week (and let us know which is your favorite)!

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