Here we go again, Treasure Valley. More 'celeb' sightings in the area--and this time, at a local cookie shop. Over the past several months, we've seen the likes of Dana White, Mark Wahlberg, and even Bad Bunny visit the State of Idaho. While not as widely known as those names--two well-known influencers with millions of followers and views were recently spotted in Cookie Co., Meridian's premiere cookie shop.

Having just opened this past spring, Cookie Co. has taken Meridian by storm with their fresh ingredient based cookies that are available for pick-up and delivery! We've had the chance to meet Becca and her amazing staff at Cookie Co and we can understand why they're so popular!

If you're a lover of cat fishing and the great outdoors--perhaps you've heard of these two high profile customers.

Here's a look at Meridian's beloved Cookie Co. and their star-studded visit, recently!

Million-Follower Influencers Visit Popular Idaho Cookie Destination

It seems that everyone in the Treasure Valley loves Meridian's Cookie Co!

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

Have you ever heard of Hannah Barron?

We aren't sure what Hannah was doing in the Treasure Valley recently, but we have to expect it has something to do with the great outdoors. With over 1 Million followers on Instagram and even more when you combine other social media platforms, Hannah is best known for her outdoor adventures and wild cat-fishing escapades.

The other guest photographed at Cookie Co was Kristy Cook. According to her Instagram page, she's the host of 'The Most Wanted List' on Sportsman Channel.

Welcome to the Treasure Valley, ladies--and we hope that you come back to see us soon!

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