There are certain businesses here in the Treasure Valley that just have a cult following. With the exception of In-N-Out, who still has ridiculous drive-thru wait times, what makes these popular businesses so special is that so many of them are locally owned and operated!

There are amazing, hyper-popular local spots for tacos, sandwiches, ethnic foods--and now...donuts!?

Have you ever experienced Scottie's Donuts before!?

A Closer Look at Nampa's Beloved Donut Truck

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As you can tell from the photos, they're legendary in the Treasure Valley for a reason! 

So what's the scoop with Scottie's Donuts? Well, the donuts are so good that they have a cult following al across the Treasure Valley and especially in Nampa & Caldwell where they are popping up regularly.

If you follow them on Facebook, you'll see that they announce their locations and their specials, regularly. They'll tell you what times they are open for business at those locations, via their truck, but there's a catch: while. supplies. last. 

Yes, these donuts are so popular that often, they'll sell out and only those quick to the truck can have any! It's a serious donut craze here in Nampa!

Online, in a local Boise foodie group, one lover of Scottie's Donuts posted up a photo showing that a store front location is on the way! Needless to say, the comments were POPPING OFF with love for Scottie's! It's so exciting to see this kind of hype for a local business!

Wondering where they'll be? The banner hangs right across from Walmart in Nampa, on Franklin Avenue.

Donuts aren't the only thing that Namps loves to get out of a truck! Check out these tacos! 

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