It is absolutely no secret that Idahoans love to be outside and active when the weather permits.

And it’s easy to see why!

We have a breathtakingly beautiful state that we love to explore, with a number of outdoor activities at our disposal all year round. 




As the weather gets nicer, it should come as no surprise that the parks, rivers and lakes around the Treasure Valley will continue to get busier as well. 

It is especially common to see all kinds of activities along the Boise River Greenbelt, such as bicyclists, joggers, longboarders, roller bladers, paddle boarders and people floating the river. 

However, there is another popular sport that is officially in full swing along the Boise River, that many newcomers in particular may not be familiar with:



Wait. Did they just say “surfing?” 

And we’re not talking about surfing behind a boat on Lucky Peak…

We mean surfing on the Boise River, out in Garden City near Quinn’s Pond.

There is a small dam that creates a perfect wave for surfers, and it allows them to walk up near the wave, and wait in line for their turn. 


See the pictures below to understand what we mean, and if you’ve never seen it in person, we highly recommend it! 

It is certainly a sight to see.

But do you think you have the guts to try it out?

Would You Dare to Try This Popular Sport on the Boise River?

We will say one thing: it is always SO much fun to watch!

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