While Boise isn't the size of Austin, Texas or Portland, Oregon--we're often compared to "younger versions" of the bustling cities to our South and West. Along with all of the population growth that our area has seen over recent years--so too have we seen an increase in really great dining options.

Dare we say that Boise is turning into a 'foodie town'!?

Recent news of a popular night-out restaurant closing its doors, however, has come as a shock: 

What Caused This Popular Meridian Restaurant To Close?

There has been no explanation for the closing of this popular night-out destination--here's a look at what we know.

Did you ever dine at Texas de Brazil?

If this restaurant was on your list of places to check out, unfortunately, you're not going to have the chance to do so. At least not here in Idaho.

News of this closure began bubbling late last night, as a local Boise resident shared on a popular social networking platform:

I went to Texas De Brazil today at The Village and got the disappointing news that they are closing the restaurant for good, today was their last day open. I asked if they were relocating or renovating and the manager said no unfortunately they’re done.

It appears the business just didn't work here?

We can't imagine a better location for a nice restaurant than the Village at Meridian. The bustling outdoor shopping mall is ALWAYS crowded with people, but perhaps the food or the price point just wasn't working for the Treasure Valley.

Texas de Brazil was known for being a "night out" type of restaurant--but if you're looking for other date night options, why not visit one of these: 

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