It's not a rumor. There's photo evidence. Post Malone was in the Spokane, Washington airport showing the Idaho Vandals some love.

Sorry, Boise State students and seems they've got the rappers support, first.

As I was scrolling through Twitter on Friday afternoon (yeah, sure wasn't focused on work...and by the way, there's plenty in my office that accuse me of this already :), so it's public knowledge...right?) I came across a photo posted up from the assistant women's basketball coach at the University of Idaho. She and her team were with Post Malone--they spotted him in an airport and according to coach Jeri Kay, Posty himself said "Go Vandals"! You can see the tweet below:

I totally got jealous--where could they be? I lived in Spokane, Washington for 4-years and I instantly recognized the background of their photo to be the Spokane International Airport. Sure enough, hours later, Spokane news outlets were reporting Post Malone was indeed spotted at GEG.

Nobody knows what Post Malone was doing in Spokane. Coeur d'Alene, a popular celebrity escape is just 30 minutes away. Or, who knows, maybe Jimmy Kimmel sent him up to validate the existence of my Alma Mater, Gonzaga University.


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