I'm a pretty chill person and I try to keep it pretty light and breezy in life, but one place I think should have some clear rules...public restroom, more specifically, the restrooms at work.  I'm convinced the men's restroom in our office has got to be the busiest in the Treasure Valley.  What's even more disturbing, is the lack of etiquette.

For example, if you walk into the restroom, and your coworker is walking out, they shouldn't take that opportunity to discuss that proposal idea with you. You know the one they could just e-mail you about, or better yet, stop by your office instead of interrupting your journey to restroom stall.  When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Also, please don't try to carry on a conversation through the stall.  Besides the fact that it's annoying and distracting, it's just creepy.  Maybe it's just me, but I'm there to do my business, not conduct business.

Don't lurk and linger waiting for me to exit the stall.  That kind of behavior is borderline creeper status.  Beyond the fact that I'm doing a personal thing, who waits around in a restroom for someone?

Finally, perhaps I'm OCD, but I generally like to finish a roll of TP before moving onto the next one, apparently, we have some people with TP commitment issues.


Should coworkers try to conduct business with you in the restroom, while you're conducting "business"?


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