Did you lose power last week? Did you hear about that car that hit a pole that dumped power for thousands of Idahoans on Wednesday?

It happened again! I was in Albertsons on Sunday night and noticed that they were on generators that night. I only knew because they had a crazy flicker going on and the cashier told me they lost power. There was another guy in line who was without power as well. I just checked out not thinking of much.

I was making a late night run for my preggers wifey and while I was watching the NBA Finals - lights out. It was already game basically over for the Cleveland Cavaliers so it didn't really stress me out. I just sat there in the dark for a bit as neighbors starting texting back an forth. I'm not sure the exact reasoning but there was some crazy storm activity for a quick minute. I can only assume that might have had something to do with it. I'll keep you posted on that.

We didn't go long without power, lights went back on, the Cavs were toast, and I found an app to check for other power outages. Yes, there's a place for that too. Idaho Power has many ways to check.

If you ever catch yourself wondering if you're the only one without power or maybe you didn't get that bill paid in time (I've been there many times and dead of Winter is the best). Check out Idaho Power's Outage Map. You can also follow their Twitter.

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