Splish Splash your way into Roaring Springs for the Pre-BMF-Pool Party. 103.5 KISS FM has rented out the entire park for the night which means, limited time in lines. Imagine being able to slide down Corkscrew Cavern over and over again, or unlimited rides down the Cliffhanger. The park is ours for the entire night.

This weekend (Friday, June 15th) through (Sunday, June 17th) when you buy three tickets to the Pre-BMF-Pool party you get one free. That's some serious savings and the free ticket still get's you into the Boise Music Festival. This deal only lasts this weekend so buy your tickets now. They only cost $20 but the price goes up to $25 at the gate so don't wait.

We've even pulled some strings and brought in DJ's from all over the country to mix live music throughout the night. And, since it's a Pre-BMF-Party you never know who's going to show up. Could Robin Thicke cannonball into the wave pool? Come to this years Pre-BMF-Party to find out.

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