Lots of crazy and fun events come from all over the Treasure Valley. From Monster Jam to raves the fun activities that the Treasure Valley has to offer are endless. There is nothing too unexpected when it comes to special events here but this one even took us by surprise

The Boise, Idaho Show Me Reptiles Show is happening this weekend at the Expo Idaho. This two-day event is making its return to Boise for the second time this year after being a huge success in February. They have so many different reptiles to show off as well as many that are available to be taken home as pets too. They offer a ton of exotic reptiles for everyone to see throughout the weekend and have a bunch of different vendors as well.

Show Me Reptile Show

This is just some of what we can expect for this weekend!

Gallery Credit: Shannon Buccola

The event is October 21 & October 22 however if you love reptiles you may be interested in becoming a VIP. On Saturday, October 21, their VIP tickets allow people to get in a full hour earlier. Rather than getting in at 10 a.m., this would allow for reptile lovers to get in at 9 a.m. On both days the event starts at 10 am (excluding Saturday’s VIPS) and ends at 3:30 pm.

If you are interested in purchasing tickets you could do so HERE. If you are a teacher, in the military, or a first responder you get 50% off of your tickets. All children 12 and under also get in for free for the whole weekend. This is reptile fun for the whole family!

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