How do Idahoans feel about President Joe Biden? Given just how "red" the State of Idaho is, if we had to guess, there would be a lot of criticism. Is that fair, though? Or are we just hearing the same songs of partisan politics--both sides are guilty of that!

This week, President Biden is signing a pretty big check and it's headed to Idaho, of all places.

As of part of his initiative to 'Invest in America', a massive grant has been divided up between all 50 States to help with internet access and infrastructure and here in Idaho, it's desperately needed. A grand total of $583,256,249.88 is headed to Idaho alone from this grant which totals over $42.45 Billion.

According to Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo:

Whether it’s connecting people to the digital economy, manufacturing fiber-optic cable in America, or creating good paying jobs building Internet infrastructure in the states, the investments we’re announcing will increase our competitiveness and spur economic growth across the country for years to come.

Many say that they hope these funds expand better internet access to those in rural Idaho--while others say perhaps our internet can just get more reliable here in the middle of the "big city"--either way, Idaho certainly can't be too mad at the funds coming in!

Not long ago, President Joe Biden came to Boise--but he didn't leave the airport area as he was here to visit with wildfire firefighting crews. We're still a little upset he didn't come into town and visit these places: 

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