It happened to me years ago while living in Spokane, Washington--and it's the absolute worst: having a package stolen. In fact, while living in Spokane, it was a real problem all across the "college neighborhood" near Gonzaga University--packages being stolen right from the front doors of student homes. Unfortunately, right here in Boise it's happening (though less often) as well.

As reported late last week on Idaho's News Channel 7, a family with a security camera on their porch caught video footage of a package on their doorstep being stolen. It didn't take long for the video to gain some local attention and the suspect is now cooperating fully with the Boise Police Department.

This situation ended well--but not all of them do. So what can you do? Security cameras for your home are becoming increasingly affordable on, for example. However--having footage of your things being stolen won't always help.

Expecting a package? Ask your office if you can have it delivered to the front desk where you know it will be safely accepted. Utilize an Amazon Locker at Whole Foods right here in Boise, where only you have the code to access it. You can even contact your carrier and just let them know you'll pick up your package at their facility, if you so wish.

We live in a great community but every now and then, someone ruins it for us all. It's better to be safe, than sorry!

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