As most know, I make it no secret that I'm the proud father of a domestic short hair feline named Piccolo.  YES, I'm a crazy cat dad and my little fur baby means the world to me. If you're a pet owner of any kind, you can totally relate to that love.

Hot temperatures mean your pet needs a little extra love and spoiling, as well. Lucky for my cat Piccolo, she stays inside away from the dangers of the outdoors...and I keep the air conditioning in my apartment LOW (because who doesn't love a cold house), so she really has nothing to worry about.

If your pets have to be outside during the day (or if they choose to be), there are ways for you to help them out and make sure they're safe.

First, make sure your pets have plenty of water. Dehydration in hot summer temperatures becomes more common--clean, fresh, and maybe even iced water will help your pets a ton. Make sure their bowl is kept out of the sun if possible, too!

One aspect that I having never been a dog owner even thought about was just how hot asphalt gets in the summer--meaning our pets have to walk on that stuff!  Make sure your pets have plenty of grass to play and rest on. Temperatures too high on the cement can burn the paw pads of your dogs feet. Taking them out for a run? There are some protective booties you can pick up at any pet store that will keep their feet safe.

For a complete list of things to make sure you've got for your pets going into hot days, click HERE.

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