The announcement by three Boise medical providers, St. Luke's, St. Al's, and Primary Health, has caused a significant backlash among those threatened with losing their jobs if they don't take the shot. Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin has asked the Speaker of the Idaho House, Scott Bedke, to reconvene the legislature to protect Idaho workers. You can read more about that issue here.

We have learned that medical workers are organizing in large groups to raise awareness of the vax mandate. So far, there are two rallies planned to stop the hospitals from enacting their vaccination or termination policy. Here is one email from a concerned healthcare worker. We have removed their names to protect them from retribution.  

Saw your article about the mandated vaccination. I am an RN . We too have created a FB support page as well as communicated constantly with Health Freedom Idaho. They utilized their law consultants to create a letter to include to leadership with our letters of refusal to accept the vaccine. Wanted to give you a heads up. A co-worker and I are admins on the FB group.  

There is also a rally on 7/15 at the state house with speakers, and a rally out front of St Luke's downtown on 7/19.

Shirts are being created and purchased through Venmo.

Usually, the Summer is a season of non-engagement in the world of Idaho Politics. However, in less than eight weeks, Idahoans will have to decide whether to keep their jobs or put a shot into their body that would say no to if given a choice. How many people will be terminated for saying no to the shot? What impact will this have on the upcoming election season?

If you watch the video above, you learn that the liberal states of California and Oregon will not threaten their healthcare workers with forced vaccinations. Here's another long time health care professional expressing his concerns about the poke.  

Want to say thank you for the article you put out!!!! I’ve worked for (local hospital) for 15 years and this is bulls#%&t honestly what they are doing.

Smartest things they could have done is not take that stance and pick up all the healthcare workers that will leave from local hospital. But who am I to suggest that? Freedom in this country is dead and especially in this great state that I have called home for the last 16 years. My husband and I are forced to be fired from our jobs at local hospital and probably move states due to this if it comes down to if we are forced to be vaccinated so whatever we have to sign or do we want this nonsense to end!! 

A local nurse shares her thoughts on how her years of dedication to Treasure Valley Patients has been rewarded.

My name is (redacted) and I’ve been a nurse for twenty years. 21 of that was spent in an emergency department setting. And I’ve been a staff nurse in Boise for the past 17 years, 12 of that serving as a charge nurse in one of the busiest ERs in the state. I’m well educated and highly trained and I’m absolutely appalled by the recent mandate for the experimental injection at my place of employment. I like several other colleagues have taken the stance that it is our decision to not become injected. As a result we may be terminated as of September 1, 2021. I have been in touch with several other media outlets to get the story out to the public.

Already over this past year staffing has taken hits because of the Covid crisis and other stressors placed on workers. We’ve lost long time staff nurses by the dozens and other disciplines to other facilities for better pay, more flexible schedules and opportunities. Every day these people are replaced by outside agency workers called travelers. It’s already been proven that every single one of us is replaceable and I highly doubt they will have any trouble in replacing us if we were to walk. This leaves people like me who have dedicated their past 17 years to this facility feeling betrayed and made to feel ashamed as those who have been injected get to wear a sticker on their badge indicating such. And we don’t obviously. If they are mandating this injection why would that even be necessary to identify those that have gotten it in those that haven’t.

Poor planning on their part. All of us need our employment and depend on it. We have families bills and obligations just like everyone else. We take the necessary precautions to protect ourselves and our patients and are highly trained in the usage of PPE. Also I have a concern that if this now affects the worker when does it become a problem for the consumer? Will they then mandate that all patients seeking care need it as well? Probably a little bit different mountain to climb but definitely a reasonable enough question to ask.

Here is another email we've received from someone who interacts with the public on a daily basis.

 I, like maybe others that are coming forward, are quickly becoming targeted for our choice not to be injected.  I am one of only 3 in our clinic who have chosen not to succumb to being part of this injection group.   

 I was good enough to work long hours in every weather condition, outside for three months. Then continued to be shuffled into Covid testing clinics for months after that.  I have never shown Covid symptoms,  and I have never been tested for Covid. Yet now I'm being told that regardless of how well i do my job, it doesn't matter. The only thing that they care about is whether or not I follow directions and get this injection.   

Yes other vaccines are required for my employment. But those vaccines are FDA approved. They have years and years of reported long term side effects. Not a cocktail that appeared so quickly out of nowhere. 

We have been told that regardless of vaccination status, masks and other precautions were still being required.  So what does it matter if I am or not?  (local hospital) sent out stickers for employees to put on their badges to symbolize they followed the rules. Just another visual to divide coworkers. 

I need my job. I need to provide for my family.  I work hard, I'm good at my job and have been told so frequently. But now, my choice not to put this into my body, is the only thing that matters. That is not right. That is not fair. 

Thank you for listening 

We will continue to listen and publish your emails.  Please send me your thoughts on this issue, ( with permission to publish.

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