The much-anticipated concert of the summer is almost here! This Wednesday night Logic will be taking the stage at the Ford Idaho Center. This will be my second summer in a row seeing Logic. Last summer, my wife and I were lucky enough to see him in Seattle. We took the day off of work and took the train up from Portland just in time to make the sound check. Knowing the record label rep, he even gave us a tour backstage. I was taken back by how pleasant everyone on Logic's tour was. Normally on tours, backstage becomes chaotic after many sleepless nights for the crew. But this crew was different- everyone welcomed us.

As we sat in a break room, suddenly the man of the hour appeared- Logic himself. He was laid back and introduced himself as Bobby, shaking mine and my wife's hand as if we were old friends. He asked us about our trip up to Seattle and even THANKED US for coming! I have never been thanked by an artist so genuinely for attending a show. We took pictures and discussed radio bits for a moment, and then I asked him a random question totally off the cuff.
Being that he was married (though he has now since divorced) I asked him: "What is the best marriage advice you could give us?" He looked at me intently before answering.

And then he replied: "All this... stuff. The music, fame, money... at the end of the day, none of this STUFF matters. It's not important. If you have it all but don't have that one special person by your side, it all means nothing. Life is really about love."

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