Here in the Treasure Valley, it's no secret that we LOVE live music. We are home to some of the very best and most fun venues in the Pacific Northwest. Take for example, Albertsons Stadium--the world famous blue turf--which has served as a venue for some pretty big shows over the last couple of summers. Then there is Outlaw Field with the beautiful backdrop of the Boise foothills and the long standing outdoor amphitheater at the Ford Idaho Center. We could go on and on.

As the weather improves in our area, so too do the concert announcements. What we scrolled past just this week has us wondering: did an iconic artist, sure to sell out in Boise, just slip up and announce something too soon?

Take a look at the Facebook Post that came from Jelly Roll's official fan page--seems a little fishy, no? 

Credit: Jelly Roll, Facebook
Credit: Jelly Roll, Facebook

It seems that EVERYONE loves Jelly Roll and Boise would love to see him return. But what is going on here?

Direct verbiage from that graphic?

"At An Upcoming Show in Boise, ID"

It seems that Mr. Jelly Roll has something to tell us, y'all...and we can't wait to learn more.

Only real Jelly Roll fans will know all of these! How many do you know!? 

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