Pop-Rock band from my home city of Chicago, Illinois "Real Friends" just dropped their first full length album yesterday (July 22nd). This epic album is entitled "Maybe This Place Is The Same, And We're Just Changing" and has been on repeat since it dropped yesterday. I was way behind on these dudes, and I am glad I was turned on to their sound. Their dynamic sound with this album, has a Valencia vibe... Brings me to familiar place ..#Highschool



When you go through a break up (Cough* Cough*) there is always something that helps you get past it. It could be, cat videos on Youtube, or drinking(if so be safe, and have one for me), maybe it's hitting the gym. I can honestly tell you I turn to music, both writing and listening. I stumbled upon this song "Loose Ends" at the right time.

I know i've got loose ends, leaving me to spend so many nights driving down driving down dead ends -RF


Loose ends was the first track off "Maybe This Place Is The Same, And We're Just Changing", and just the lyrics alone had me hooked on a memory of past, and previous relationships. Just the title alone "Loose Ends" hits me heard, because we all have em. What's the use of bunny knotting those shoes, if they are going to come untied again?? "Ends" look way better "Loose"... #BeReal

Real Friends - Loose Ends


Currently backing their sound is Fearless Records, who have to be stoked that Real Friends put out a beast of a record like this one. "Maybe This Place Is The Same, And We're Just Changing" is relatable in EVERY SINGLE WAY, and a record that I am spending the cash on!

It's weird, because I only get excited about bands dropping NEW music videos when its like "Blink 182" ...(them dudes are classic) Real Friends dropped their music video for their 2nd single off "Maybe This Place Is The Same, And We're Just Changing" I Don't Love You Anymore. Creative piece of video! I can't tell if I enjoyed the video more, because the song bumps... or if I actually like the video haha..?? Either way, its worth a watch..

Real Friends - I Don't Love You Anymore


Real Friend's EP "Put Yourself Back Together" was epic-little-gem in the life of me, and "Maybe This Place Is The Same, And We're Just Changing" hits home for sure! I recently was scrolling down their Facebook wall, which right now is a lot of posts about their adventures on Warped Tour 2014. Which is awesome, because I wanted to see them have a good turn out in Illinois.. I can't post this picture of Real Friends in front of the massive warped tour crowd in Tinley Park, because blogging has rules! Like, you can't do anything fun.. like post up cool pic unless it has an embed link from ...blah blah blah.. but, I'm going to do it anyway! Bloggin about cool S**t should be fun, and rules scare me!...So I took a screen shot! #Boom

(Read Their Posting...It's cool...Ever have that feeling??)



Now...Listen...Support... ;)

Real Friends - "Maybe This Place Is The Same, And We're Just Changing" (Full Album)





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