Treefort is back in downtown Boise after a devastating year off due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Experience a day at Treefort in under a minute with this cool video!

The "days till Treefort" sign in Downtown Boise was a sad sight to see as it was counting down and counting down last year and then an entire year was added back on to the countdown but believe it or not, it's finally here! Treefort is such a cool festival and it's so uniquely Boise. Not only is there an incredible lineup of musical performers, but there's also an incredible showing of craft beers, films, and so much more representation of what our culture has been up to and it all happens in Downtown Boise through Sunday. Here's the thing... Things like this seem to come and go so quick and in the blink of an eye, you can miss it (Am I some knock off version of Ferris Bueller?).

Anyway, for those who couldn't make it to the entire festival, or if you couldn't make it at all; maybe you were concerned about Covid (understandably so) or couldn't make it this year for one reason or another, Treefort has put together daily recaps that are less than a minute long that give you the quickest rundown of what it's like at this awesome Downtown Boise festival. As of the time I'm writing this article, they've got the first two days' videos in the books, which you should definitely check out below!

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