Who run the world? Girls! During World War II, our very own "Rosie the Riveter" helped build a bomber and 72 years later she is back in Boise to ride in that very plane. 

We talk so much about feminism and the phrase "Nevertheless she persisted" and equal pay but this isn't new. As women, we continue to work our way toward equality. When moments like these happen, my heart grows about a million sizes and I become so very proud not only of women but our community.

Rosie the Riveter isn't a name of one person, it's the name of a group of women who worked in factories and shipyards during World War II. Imagine being a teenager in 1945 while we're in the middle of a war and you're working on a bomber plane. Not only are doing a non-traditional job but you're in a stressful line of work with a lot of pressure at a time when precision is crucial.

We now live in a world where it's more accepted and encouraged. How much do you want to go out and slay today?


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