We've all seen those "Funny City Names in (State)" lists, but can you identify which Idaho city names are real...and which ones we made up?

Plummer. Potlatch. Culdesac. All real cities in the state of Idaho. Not so tricky, right? Don't worry, it gets harder. Don't rush through the list, a couple of these are really tricky. However, if you're a thoroughbred Idahoan, you should be able to pass this bad boy with flying colors.

Take the quiz, grab a screenshot, and tell us on Twitter how you did! Heck, if you're the first one to score 10/10, there might even be something extra in there for ya.


Ok so maybe you know a little something about The Gem State. Question is...can you tell the difference between a famous celebrity and an Idaho potato? Take the quiz here:

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