Hi Boise. Remember me?

Chris Cruise Rapping

After a few years away from the airwaves of the Treasure Valley, you can now hear me weeknights on 103.5 Kiss FM!

Before we get all mushy about it, let's go back in time a couple of years. In 2016, I was hired to host the morning show on Kiss FM, and we had some incredible times together. Fighting loudly for our LGBTQ+ allies, rocking the stage at Boise Music Festival, and of course, watching the potato drop together at New Year's Eve, it was a blast.

I then moved down the hall (one room over, to be exact) to put on my cowboy boots to host afternoons on Wow Country 104.3. So many great concerts, artist interviews, and lots (and I do mean lots) of songs about drinking beer.

Since then, a few things have changed. I got married, my wife and I purchased our first house together, and yours truly has become the envy of the entire neighborhood with my voracious lawn mowing skills.

Now that we're back together every night on 103.5 Kiss FM, what can you expect? Obviously, we'll be playing all the hits you've come to expect daily on your radio. We're also cooking up a ton of cool contests for you to win, and I'll be keeping you posted on all the cool stuff happening in and around the Treasure Valley.

A big thanks to Mateo for inviting me to return to my second home, and to you. Boise is where I met my wife, where my inlaws reside, and will always feel cozy to me. Glad to be back.


Talk soon.


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