This is the big debate, make-up. Artists like Alicia Keys swore off wearing make-up over three years ago stating, "I just wanna be honest." Not everyone is blessed with Alicia's flawless skin, but after a new recall, you might want to throw some of that stuff out today.

USA Today reports that the Food and Drug Administration announced on Tuesday that asbestos has been found in three of Claire's in-store products that you might have purchased. If you have these products the FDA is warning you to get rid of them right away.

I'm a dude and about the most, I've bought from Claire's is earrings for myself because I continuously lose them and something holiday themed for club events (Mardi Gras or St. Patrick's Day). Teens are the ones with more to worry about regarding this recall. Claire's is a place where most teens can get their make-up and jewelry for an inexpensive price and therefore might have some of this product in their purses.

Here's a list of products that the FDA warns you not use any longer.

  • Claire's Eye Shadows batch No./lot No. 08/17
  • Claire's Compact Powder batch No./lot No. 07/15
  • Claire's Contour Palette batch No./lot No. 04/17

Claire's has come up saying there is no real evidence that their products are unsafe in this statement,

Out of an abundance of caution, we have removed the three products identified by the FDA from our stores, and are also removing any remaining talc based cosmetic products. We will honor returns of any Claire's talc based cosmetics."

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