If one thing is perpetually true about Boise, it is this: the place is tiny.

It never ceases to blow my mind how SMALL this town is-- everyone knows everyone...or at least someone that knows them...from knowing someone else. You get the point. Spend any amount of time in Boise and you'll realize just how small our city is.

That said, there's some pretty good camera footage of a ridiculous robbery that happened over the weekend at StrangeLove in downtown Boise. Think you can recognize these guys? Thousands of dollars in supplies and equipment were stolen from the nightclub and owner, Ted Challenger, is looking for your help. Maybe you could consider it some paid detective work? Anonymity is PROMISED to whoever brings Challenger the name(s).

Just this evening, Challenger announced that there is a $5,000.00 REWARD to whoever can get him names of these suspects. How's that for some spending cash? More than anything, we want to show people that have nothing better to do with their time than steal, that there's no place for this in the Treasure Valley. We are better than this, Boise.

Cactus Bar up street was also damaged from what appears to be an attempted break in by these same lowlifes. Watch the entire surveillance video for yourself, below:

Challenger wrote on his Facebook today:

$5000 REWARD PLEASE SHARE Ok Boise .. it’s time to show that we don’t accept in this town and we will go to great lengths to find criminals . This happened at 3:00-5:30 am ON Saturday morning . Here are the facts . It was two guys , they left finger prints for police so we will be able to identify , guy with t -shirt on His head could be lighter dark skinned man , around 5”8 or taller . They stole a TON OF LIQUOR , and probably through a party on Saturday night with a lot of high end liquor . They stole two dj stands of equipment , tools , lap tops , hard drives , microphones , toilet paper towel dispensers , and toilet paper dispensers , lighting equipment , and microphones . We are estimating so far over $30,000. Damage was done to sound system at an additional $10,000 when they cut chords to remove equipment . I WANT THE NAMES OF THE GUYS . I’m offering $5,000 cash reward when I have names and police make arrest . The truck you see is a 93-95 Chevy truck with a two tone pattern in the video . Might of worked construction on our new roof . The rules are you will remain anonymous . You have to IM me directly first one in message box who send gets the reward . Picture ID will help the cause . Please let’s show that we do t want to live in a city where this happens . They also Busted Cactus air conditioner the night before trying to break in . Happy hunting

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