Today's Southwest District Health meeting, which was finally able to take place after two delays, consisted of a large online streaming crowd, a vocal in-person audience, and a Pledge of Allegiance that ended in 'Amen'.

In a meeting streamed online and attended by dozens, Canyon, Adams, Payette, Washington, Gem and Owyhee Counties had representation as the next steps for handling a large spike in COVID-19 cases was the topic of discussion. From the start, board members made it clear that no "mandates" would be made, as in Ada County but rather--"recommendations".

These recommendations laid out by SWDH were:

  • Wearing masks in public when you can't socially distance
  • Limiting crowds to 1-person per 64 square feet of space
  • Pausing visitation to elderly in living homes / communities and correctional facilities

It's important to note these are recommendations. Not mandates. In other words--you're free to do as you wish in the encompassed counties. At one point, the Chairman even said that social distance markers are for liability and don't need to be obeyed.

Let's crush the curve, Idaho.

Watch the 53-minute meeting for yourself, below:

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