And I thought it's been cold the last few days here in Boise!

CNN reports that temperatures in Colorado plummeted 64 degrees on Thursday, setting a new record for the state's largest 24-hour temperature drop in the month of October.

The insane weather included a 55-degree drop at Denver International Airport, where it went from 79 degrees at 2 p.m. on Wednesday to a frigid 24 degrees by 2 p.m. on Thursday. (At 83 degrees, Denver proper was even balmier on Wednesday.)

The National Weather Service adds that the swing marks the 15th largest temperature drop over a two-day period in Denver's history. The Colorado Department of Transportation adds that it received reports of several multi-vehicle crashes as the weather conditions deteriorated.

Denver was just two degrees away from breaking the all-time temperature drop of 66 degrees, which occurred on January 25, 1872.

I mean, 26 in the morning the last couple days has been brutal when walking into the studio at 4:30a, but dipping that low that quickly?! Naw, I'm good.

Note that it's supposed to be 62 and sunny tomorrow for our BSU homecoming game, so we're good over here.

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