"Woah that guy just ran a red light." you can hear a man say in a shocked voice. "and almost hit two pedestrians" a woman follows, stunned by what she just witnessed. In the video posted to Reddit by user iFlyCode, you can see a newer model black GMC SUV running a red light, nearly taking out to pedestrians in the crosswalk.

The man catches up to the Yukon so he could clearly make out his license plate number. Luckily, and this is just me judging entirely by the video, it looks like no one was injured. But this could have been worse, way worse. I'm not going to sit in judgment of the guy driving the SUV; I've accidentally run red-lights too when I should have been paying more attention. Seeing this though is a big reminder to pay attention to Boise's more and more crowded roadways. Your life or some else could change in a moment.

You can see the chilling video below.

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