A woman on Reddit revealed she was on the warpath after her younger sister attempted to "help" with chores by doing the woman's laundry for her, including washing the woman's husband's underwear.

The frustrated woman explained that her 23-year-old sister lives rent-free in her home. However, to be helpful and compensate for not paying rent, the sister has been taking on household chores such as cooking, cleaning and organizing.

"Yesterday, I was at work and came home and found that she'd done my husband's laundry. I was stunned as I felt this was not her place, nor was it appropriate because, for one, I always do his laundry, and more importantly, I did not think it was appropriate for her to be looking at his underwear," she wrote on Reddit.

The woman was furious and confronted her sister.

"She downplayed the whole thing saying it was no big deal and that she saw that I was struggling with work and kids and wanted to help me by doing the laundry. I told her she shouldn't have done it, but my husband didn't react, and she used that to support her argument, saying no one thinks it's a big deal except me," the woman continued.

The conversation turned into a heated disagreement, but the disgruntled wife held her ground: "We argued, and she shut me down, then started crying, saying she meant well and was trying to help out. But I couldn't help but think this was not her place."

Things escalated until the husband got involved, siding with the sister.

"My husband told me to drop it. But I can't shake this weird feeling I got. He told me I should apologize to her for berating her, but I refused," the woman concluded.

In the comments, Reddit users clapped back at the woman's response to her sister, telling her she overreacted.

"OP [original poster] uses the word 'berated' to describe how she handled her sister. It's an unreasonable thing to be upset about in general and a definite YTA [you're the a--hole] to make an ongoing issue of... but to risk your entire relationship with your sister by being abusive over this?!? Ridiculous to the point of absurdity," one user commented.

"Your sister is trying her best to earn her keep and take work off you. You owe her a sincere apology after you've done some serious reflection on your behavior," another wrote.

"You should be thankful that your guest is trying to compensate for your generosity by doing chores rather than being a lazy slouch and doing nothing. YTA and you really should apologize," someone else weighed in.

"Unless you're leaving something out, this is a really weird thing to go off about. She was being helpful; who cares if she saw your husband's underwear? If this is a boundary for you, explain it nicely and say that while you appreciate the help, this is one chore you'd like to take care of and move on. It was totally unnecessary to make your sister feel bad and weird about it," another person commented.

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