When it comes to getting OUT of the Treasure Valley, it seems there's never much of a hurry for locals. The ongoing joke of course is that thousands of people are flocking to Boise and surrounding cities-- but nobody is really leaving? This certainly isn't true in terms of moving statistics--plenty of Idahoans have been "priced out" of the area or have taken off for various other reasons.

Should we make a California joke now, or wait until later? We'll leave it alone for now.

As it gets colder here in the Treasure Valley, most residents are bracing for snow, slick roads, winter sports and being prepared to wear more layers. Others may be dreading the change, however, and on the hunt for an "escape".

We found some escapes, for cheap. Warm and sunny escapes that are very, very cheap.

Check out these flight deals that get you into the sun this winter for UNDER $150 per round trip!! 

Three Cheap & Sunny Boise Escapes

You aren't going to be able to find a better flight deal than these last-minute finds! Book quick for a warm escape! More details on these bookings, below:

See any destinations that you like? 

We found these through a simple subscription (which is totally free) to Scott's Cheap Flights. The website allows you to choose which airports you fly out of--and emails you whenever there are great deals. Obviously, three different warm and sunny vacations for under $150 round trip are pretty amazing.

Here are some details on each one:

For San Diego...

  • You'll want to book in the next 2 days
  • You'll be looking at about $138 round trip!
  • Flight deals are in the window of November 2022 through February of 2023
  • Deals this low are common for Alaska Airlines and you'll be getting economy seats

For Los Angeles...

  • You'll want to book ASAP
  • You'll be paying about $138 round trip!
  • Flight deals are between November 2022 through February of 2023.
  • These flights will be via United Airlines

For Burbank...

  • Book immediately!
  • The platform labeled this deal as RARE!
  • The flight window is November 2022 through March of 2023
  • You'll be booking through Avelo


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