It happens every single year.

The day after Halloween, Christmas decorations go up in stores around America. If you want to grab a new tree for your home, some garland to outline your door, or even some weird blowup thing that never works but you insist on fixing it and taping it every single year, you just have to wait until November 1st to shop your little heart out.

Then come the naysayers:


Well, why not? Sure, Thanksgiving is a great time to get together and share a home-cooked meal, but isn't that exactly what Christmas is anyway? And, at Christmas, you get awesome presents and cool music. Let's look at the scoreboard.

At Thanksgiving, you get:

  • Food

At Christmas, you get:

  • Food
  • Presents
  • Cool music
  • Awesome decorations
  • Fun Santa hats

The numbers don't lie. Christmas is officially better than Thanksgiving, and should be celebrated from November 1st until December 26th.

Happy holidays. Except Thanksgiving.

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