The State of Idaho Board of Education has officially passed a motion to allow the University of Idaho to make a deal with Alaska Airlines.

It is no secret that Idaho Vandal fans are everywhere in the Treasure Valley. Spend any time on the streets, in the bars, or simply around town and you will see the iconic, gold 'I' hanging from a flag, sticker, or license plate. While this may be a controversial statement, Vandal fans, in my opinion, are some of the most loyal fans in the west and arguable the most loyal of all collegiate fans in the State of Idaho.  For years, the Vandals have been overshadowed by a blue field and a football program that gets all of the national spotlight. Meanwhile the University of Idaho is known for a well-established law school and sports teams that often times, lose more than they win. It takes a lot to be a fan of a team that...loses so much. No, that isn't a backhanded compliment--it's just the truth. Make no mistake--I love the way that Vandals know how to party!

After a unanimous vote of approval, Treasure Valley Vandal fans (and students) should soon be able to fly from Boise to Moscow!

This COULD cost the University of Idaho a pretty penny--Alaska Airlines has said that they will need to be turning a profit from adding the flight. The University of Idaho could be responsible for up to $1.5 million dollars because if the flights AREN'T turning a profit, they will be responsible for covering the difference with Alaska Airlines.

Of course, flying into Moscow gets you nearly equidistant to the Cougars of Washington State University. While WSU has no involvement in this deal, it is expected that they will benefit from this as well.

I know that while I was living in Spokane, Washingotn, I would meet students all of the time that would fly into Spokane just to drive or take a $100 Uber right down to Pullman or Moscow. These two college towns are quite literally in the middle of nowhere.

No official contract has been signed between the University of Idaho and Alaska Airlines just yet but we don expect that to be made, soon.


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