It's EVERYTHING in this market and it has been for years now: house porn. That may sound more graphic than it is, but it really is "a thing".  All across the State of Idaho, locals have been forced to watch folks come in from the outside and buy up our most beautiful homes for absolutely astronomical prices.

While the "experts" claim a "crash" is coming in Boise--that has yet to be seen.

Take for example, this $3.2 Million home that not only broke Eagle, Idaho records but was the 2022 Highest Resale in Ada County, per local Real Estate pro Katie McFerrin.

Of course, the listing didn't go without getting commentary from a few haters. Despite the fact this home is near perfect in every way--many online commented that the "water front" was a "joke" because it's "just a pond".  Laugh it up, internet. I'll take that water front over my non-water front apartment. Just saying!

Ready to take a look at this home, inside and out? We think you'll be just as blown away as we were: 

Eagle's Record Setting Home Sells for $3.2 Million

This home is absolutely stunning

Having major Real Estate dreams after seeing those photos?

Take a look at the full collection of photos on Zillow, HERE.

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