The hardest part of our annual child abuse prevention campaign is what happens the day after. We go home to rest and get right back to work on Monday. Victims of abuse live in their hell every day. Now what?

Kekeluv/TSM Boise
Kekeluv/TSM Boise

I got this message on the final day that stuck with me and I mentioned throughout the day as motivation not to forget.

What happens when you go home with your family after Live For 175 and all of us are still living in abusive situations? What happens to us?

That is a great and sobering question. What happens to them? I was just going through my Instagram messages and realized I missed so many during April. I came across someone who wanted to stop living, a person just needed to hear it was going to be okay, and others wondering if there was a limit on the time they could tell the police. What about all THOSE people?


Live for 175 ended on Saturday, April 29 at 7 p.m. Everyone ended up at Big Als for dinner and we all went home. The Kiss staff hit downtown and I went home to spend some quality time with my family. We relaxed on Sunday and I was back at work on Monday. Before I could send my inner office thank you to everyone or write my open letter congratulations to the Treasure Valley, tragedy struck. Monday afternoon I received word that my close uncle had passed. My Uncle Harold went to join my father, his brother, and their parents in Heaven. I just sat in the studio shocked and was forced to fake the rest of my show. I flew out early Wednesday, landed in Houston, and then the next call came in from Boise. My wife was taking our son to the ER with 104 fever. I flew back to Boise on Sunday and went straight to the hospital. We finally took our son home that night after five days in the hospital.


Things happen in life and sometimes we just can't control them. During that one week period, I had received several messages from listeners who felt they needed an ear. One of them was ready to stop living and the other was almost to that point. I opened up one message from a woman who was finally ready to speak about her abuse after all these years. I wasn't there and missed those messages. Luckily I caught them in time when I got back into Boise, but what if I had been too late? There needs to be more of us willing to listen and open our arms. Each of us HAVE to pay close attention to our classmates, roommates, family, co-workers, and maybe our customers. People are human no matter what type of uniform they wear or the amount of salary they take home.

The team at 103.5 Kissfm, our volunteers, and so many great community members can't solve child abuse or sexual assault. We CAN be a line of defense and that is where our strength has to be, in numbers. The more we open our eyes to the emotion we can see what's really happening. Ask any victim or survivor of abuse and they will explain how they can sense other people in danger just by their demeanor.

Live For 175 (annual child abuse prevention campaign in April) might have concluded at the end of April, but the struggle is 24/7. Things will never get better until we stop it before it happens. We have compiled a list of resources and help for almost any situation. If you know someone going through something please ask how their day is and show them these resources.

These are some of my favorite photos taken by people that have a great lens for love. They capture the moments as they happen.



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