Representative Christy Perry has entered the race for Idaho’s 1st Congressional District.  Perry, along with her husband Matt, officially filed to enter the race at the Secretary of State's Office.  She is running for the seat vacated by Congressman Raul Labrador who is running for Idaho's Governor.

Perry is now in her fourth term representing Idaho’s Legislative District 11. She has been a prominent advocate of second amendment rights, criminal justice reform and foster care reform. She and her husband Matt co-own the Buckhorn Gun Shop in Boise.

The race for congress is a popular one.  Perry joins five others in the race to fill the seat: Russ Fulcher, Nick Henderson, David Leroy, Representative Luke Malek and Michael Snyder.  She is the only woman in the field currently and several political observers believe that can be an advantage for her.  Officials cite the example of the current State School Superintendent Sherry Ybara's election as the model for Perry.

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