It would be a crime for me to tell you what it is that Mark Long (our 103.5 KISS FM audio production professional), Promo Litney and I were screaming about in this I'll refrain. However, as you can see the scares inside of Requiem Haunted House are no joke.

The ACTUAL building inside of Requiem? Yep. It's haunted. So haunted that the owner of Requiem casually told me "yeah, we don't really go down there anymore" while referring to the basement that apparently everything happens in.

I was out there just last Saturday and had the time of my life. You may have heard me talking about it on the radio so I wanted to follow up with you--if you've wondered if it's worth a visit, the answer is yes. Yes it is.

In fact, now is a better time to check it out than ever. As announced on Requiem's Facebook Page, ticket prices have been lowered for the remainder of the halloween season so that EVERYONE is able to affordably enjoy what they have to offer. All visitors ages 13 and over can now get in for $15.00 and if you're 12 or younger, you can get in for $10.00 each.

If you feel like checking it out this weekend, a mobile escape game will be on site for you to check out as well from Boise Escape. More on that, by clicking HERE.

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