Someone must've clued these kids in about Boise, because they know a lot more than you'd think!

On ABC's new show Child Support, contestants compete to predict how kids will answer questions from funnyman Ricky Gervais. The results are almost always hilarious. On a recent episode, Gervais asked a group of kids the following question:

Each year in downtown Boise, Idaho they celebrate New Years Eve by dropping a 17-foot replica of what?

First off, most of the kids didn't even know what a Boise, Idaho was, let alone what we drop on NYE. Luckily, one of the kids knows his stuff and answers Gervais' question right on the nose:



Someone has to break it to this little kid that Idaho is not known as the potato state, we're known as the Gem State. Pffft. Just when you begin to think the kid was a child genius or something, he totally blows it.


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